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miraDry Live Demo, Thursday 3rd Sept, 6pm!

Aug 30, 2020Uncategorised0 comments

If you missed our miraDry launch in January, join us for another LIVE demonstration!

Our very own Dr Chris Rennie will be treating a patient LIVE and answering any questions you have about how miraDry can help you. A hyperhidrosis sufferer his whole life, Dr Chris is an expert in sweat and will be walking you through this life-changing treatment and showcasing how miraDry can benefit your lifestyle! The miraDry System uses thermal energy that safely targets and eliminates the sweat glands in your underarm. Once those glands are eliminated, they do not grow back. Goodbye, sweat stains! miraDry is not only for excessive sweaters but for anyone who wants to stop using toxic deodorant/antiperspirants.

TUNE in LIVE to find out more about this life-changing treatment! Spread the word – this event is relevant to anyone and everyone who is bothered with underarm sweat and is looking for a solution to drastically reduce it, permanently. Yes to less sweat in 2020 and beyond! Click the following link and click ‘going’ to be reminded on the day!



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