Terms and Conditions as of June 2020

Set out below are the terms and conditions on which Romsey Medical Aesthetics (RMA) Ltd provides service to patients following the national COVID-19 lockdown. These additions and amendments to the normal business terms and conditions have been implemented to ensure that there is provision of a safe medical environment during the ongoing COVID-19 global pandemic. Please ensure that these terms and conditions are read and understood prior to booking any treatment with RMA Ltd.

Consultations or Appointments
A deposit for patient consultations or treatment appointments with Dr. Chris or Nurse Emily will be charged at £40.00. This deposit is payable via telephone. Any consultation deposit will be redeemable against any subsequently booked treatment. Appointment deposits will be deducted from the total balance following treatment.
New patients are seen for consultation and assessment. Treatment is not recommended at first appointment, which allows patients an adequate cooling off and reflection period. Treatment may be provided at first appointment in specific circumstances if the patient and practitioner deem this suitable. Prior to appointments, information of any required preparation in advance of treatment will be provided. Failure to follow the guidelines may result in cancellation of appointment, reduced treatment time or additional fees being charged.

Appointments (COVID-19)
To allow for social distancing, all patients are asked to arrive on time (but no earlier) than the scheduled appointment. RMA Ltd reserves the right to cancel, postpone or rearrange any consultation or treatment appointment if patients present with apparent symptoms of COVID-19. The clinic will operate a controlled entry system to manage the number of patients entering.

To reduce contact time with clinic staff patients are asked to prepare themselves for treatment, this includes the removal of make-up prior to attending for appointment. Patients must comply with the RMA Ltd Safety Charter, which includes the wearing of a face covering, having a temperature recorded upon arrival and sanitising of hands upon entering the clinic. To support the RMA Ltd Safety Charter and allow social distancing (as per Government guidance) it is mandatory that attendance to the clinic is individual (i.e. one patient only per appointment). In exceptional circumstances, if there is requirement of another adult to be present during an appointment this must be agreed in advance with the Clinic Manager.

Treatment Suitability
The RMA Ltd practitioners are legally required to make assessment of treatment suitability in all patients and at all appointments. If that treatment is not indicated or suitable, for whatever reason, then the initial deposit transaction will be refunded to the patient. If a treatment is not contraindicated, but the patient elects to not proceed, then RMA Ltd reserve the right to retain the initial deposit transaction. Guarantees of treatment results cannot be made by RMA Ltd. It is a patient’s responsibility to ensure that RMA Ltd is provided with all relevant and up to date medical history details at every appointment. If a patient, or a member of the patient’s household has symptoms of COVID-19 and/or have tested positive for COVID-19 then attendance to clinic is strictly prohibited. RMA Ltd accepts zero liability for any harm, impairment or grievance occurring as a result of a patient’s failure to disclose relevant or up to date medical history details. If a patient, or a member of a patient’s household, develops COVID-19 symptoms, or tests positive for COVID-19, 14 days after an appointment then, in accordance with Government guidelines, RMA
Ltd must be informed.

Patients are required to read, understand and sign a COVID-19 risk consent form prior to treatment. RMA Ltd is unable to provide any treatment without the written consent of a patient. For the safety of patients and others within the clinic, understanding of, and adherence to the Safety Charter is required in order for treatments to be completed.

Cancellation Policy
RMA Ltd operates a 48 hours cancellation policy.

Attendance at clinic is prohibited in the case of patient ill health. Please do NOT attend the clinic if you are unwell. In this event, or for further clarity, the clinic is contactable by telephone on 01794278110. In relation to COVID-19, any patient exhibiting symptoms is asked to contact RMA Ltd as soon as possible to allow for appointment rearrangement. If a patient fails to attend an appointment, or fails to advise the clinic of the intention not to attend an appointment (or organise an appointment alteration) within 48 hours of the scheduled appointment then RMA Ltd reserves the right to retain (and not refund) the initial deposit transaction. RMA Ltd reserve the right to charge a further deposit for any further booked appointments in this circumstance.

Rescheduling Policy
RMA Ltd operates a 48 hours rescheduling policy. There will be allowance of one appointment reschedule free of charge, but only if RMA Ltd is made aware of this change more than 48 hours in advance of the scheduled appointment. Any further reschedules will result in retention of the initial deposit transaction. Failure to inform RMA Ltd (and for this to be acknowledged by the clinic) about appointment rescheduling less than 48 hours in advance of the scheduled appointment will result in retention of the initial deposit transaction and the patient will be charged another £40.00 booking deposit fee for subsequent appointments.

“No-show” Policy
RMA Ltd operates a “No-show” policy. A “No-show” is any patient who misses a scheduled appointment without cancelling or rescheduling (as per the Cancellation and Rescheduling policies). “No-shows” will not be refunded the initial deposit transaction.

Medical Review Appointments
Medical review appointments are offered as a courtesy after first treatment with Botulinum toxin type A. Medical review appointments cannot take place any sooner than a full 14 days (2 weeks) following treatment. Medical review appointments will initially be held virtually to minimise face-to-face contact and reduce risk relating to COVID-19 infection spread. If there is deemed (by RMA Ltd practitioners) to be a medical need resulting in the requirement of an ‘in clinic’ review, then an appointment will be made in the 14-21 days (2-3 weeks) period after date of initial treatment.

If a patient is unable to (or fails to) attend a scheduled review appointment at 14-21 days (2- 3weeks) following initial treatment, then no further provision of a complimentary appointment will be offered. For jawline slimming (masseter) treatment with Botulinum toxin type A, the window for a courtesy review is 4-5 weeks following initial treatment only. Additional cost may be incurred at this review appointment depending on clinical evaluation. Full discussion, consultation and explanation with the
patient prior to further treatment will be discussed in this circumstance.

Fees paid by patients to RMA Ltd are charged in exchange for the delivery of a treatment and the accompanying service, which is inclusive of:
 Consultation and assessment
 Provision of information and advice for safe treatment with evidence-based products
 Medical review appointments (as outlined above), aftercare advice and support as appropriate.
At RMA Ltd, every care is taken to provide excellent service with factual, honest and ethical advice. Treatments are performed in a safe, regulated and inspected clinical environment. RMA Ltd practitioners are fully trained and insured experts this field of medicine. Industry-leading, evidence-based products are selected for all provided services. Despite this, RMA Ltd is unable to guarantee individual results and cannot offer refunds if results achieved fail to meet individual patient expectations.

Under 18’s
RMA Ltd understands problems involved with arranging childcare. In the accordance with clinical safety guidelines it is respectfully deemed that bringing children or minors (under 18’s) into the clinical environment is prohibited. Should appointments need to be rearranged or rescheduled as a result of childcare issues then the Cancellation and Rescheduling policies must be adhered to.

All information is treated as confidential and protected in accordance with General Data Protection Regulation legislation. Patient information will not be shared with third parties without written permissions and there will be no delivery of unsolicited information from RMA Ltd to patients. At anytime an individual may choose to be removed from the RMA Ltd mailing list by unsubscribing.

RMA Ltd endeavors to treat all patients appropriately, compassionately, honestly, ethically and fairly. If there are any issues with matters relating to treatment delivery or service provision, there is entitlement of any individual to lodge a complaint, either in person, by telephone or in writing.

Complaints of a non-medical nature will be handled in their entirety by the Clinic Manager. If a complaint is treatment related, the matter will be discussed with the relevant practitioner and may require a patient to attend clinic for further medical consultation(s) (either with the original practitioner, an alternative member of the clinic’s medical team (including the Medical Director) or a third party expert). RMA Ltd aims to furnish all complaints with a full written response within 20 working days.

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