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Neostrata Skin Peels

NeoStrata Glycolic Chemical Peels visibly diminishes the look of fine lines and wrinkles, smoothes and softens skin, increases hydration and suppleness, and balances irregular skin tones

The NeoStrata skincare collection has been developed with the help of dermatologists and skin care experts. Their clinically-proven products and treatments meet the needs of all skin types and skin concerns. The inventors behind NeoStrata Dr. Van Scott and Dr. Yu are internationally renowned for discovering the benefits of Alpha Hydroxy Acids (known as AHAs) on the skin, treating skin conditions but also stimulating damaged skin to rejuvenate itself, a vital factor in treating ageing skin. The different skin care collections have been created after years of research and use revolutionary technology to get the most effective results for healthy, clear and youthful skin.

The Peel Programme

NeoStrata Glycolic peels can improve oily/acne prone skin. Higher strengths can help to reduce the appearance of acne scarring and certain pigmentation problems. Nesotrata peels can be used on the face, the neck, the chest and the hands and can be used on all types of skin including: fine skin, normal skin, greasy or thick skin.

The NeoStrata Skin Rejuvenation System is a glycolic acid peel system that can only be performed as clinical procedure by a trained professional. It provides controlled and predictable removal of surface skin cells, stimulating skin renewal to improve the appearance of the skin. You will notice a difference in your skin texture immediately. The procedure is fast and convenient, taking only about fifteen minutes. And with virtually no recovery time, you can be back to your normal routine the same day. There is no significant pain or discomfort.

It takes usually 4-6 treatments at three to four week intervals to achieve the desired effects. Most patients can undergo glycolic peels without any side effects.

The treated skin is virtually normal in appearance. The fact that the patient underwent a peel is usually undetectable to others. Patients may experience mild sloughing, peeling, redness is temporary and normal.

What exactly is a glycolic skin peel?

A glycolic acid peel treatment is a specific technique for skin renewal which removes the damaged layer of surface skin cells and reveals fresh healthy skin beneath whilst stimulating cell rebuilding and restructuring of deeper skin layers.

What is Glycolic Acid?

Glycolic Acid is an AHA, or alpha-hydroxyacid which is a group of naturally occurring substances often called ‘fruit acids’ because they are found naturally in various fruits. In fact, Glycolic acid is found in sugar cane juice. Dermatologists have long praised the positive results of AHA treatments due to their benefits in improving skin appearance and texture.

What are the benefits of having a Glycolic Chemical Peel?

This treatment is great for making skin appear smoother, healthier and tighter with a more even skin texture and tone. Great for those with dry skin, oily and acne-prone skin, and also beneficial in reducing pigmentation such as age/sun spots.

Is a Glycolic Peel suitable for my skin?

NeoStrata peels are suitable for a wide variety of skin types whether normal, oily, dry, young or old. They are also safe to use for any skin colour and the strength of the peel can be customised for each patient.

Aftercare and side effects?

NeoStrata have pre and post-peel products to prepare and condition your skin for best results, which your practitioner will discuss with you prior to the treatment. It’s important to minimise sun exposure after a chemical peel as the skin will be more susceptible to sun damage. 

Redness after treatment and there might be some mild peeling or flaking of skin in the days that follow but these side effects do not last long and can be covered up with makeup.

When will I see the results?

At Romsey Medical Aesthetics we offer courses of 3 or 6 treatments for the best results, but you will see and feel the difference after just one.

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